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New Year’s Property Resolutions

Em Morley - January 7, 2016

A run has been put off. A small glass of wine has been poured. A chocolate bar wrapper is all that remains…

2016 is already 7 days old. For many of us, New Year’s resolutions have already been broken. However, there is still time to make amends!

Whether you are a landlord, agent or would-be property investor, using the following checklist can see you set yourself up for a successful New Year-whatever the status of your previous resolutions!

As always, planning is paramount to a successful outcome, whether selling, purchasing or renovation a rental property.

Owning in 2016

For those looking to invest in a property in 2016:

  • Make sensible goals on how much deposit you will save and by when
  • Draw up a budget to help make goals
  • Set a maximum price
  • Think about moving savings into a high interest ISA
  • Talk to a lender about the amount you can borrow
  • Locate and research your target area
  • Compare house prices and typical rents
New Year's Property Resolutions

New Year’s Property Resolutions

Selling in 2016

  • Look at listings and sales prices in the local area
  • Make relevant improvements and renovations to the property
  • Update tired features
  • De-clutter, put things into storage units and throw away tat!
  • Tidy and clean gardens

Renovating in 2016

  • Make a realistic budget
  • Decide what can and can’t be done to the property
  • Leave any expertise to the professionals!
  • Enjoy it! Choosing features from cushions to curtains should be a fun factor as your new decoration begins to take shape