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Who Would Win Tomorrow’s World Cup Qualifier Based on the Property Market?

Em Morley - June 9, 2017

While the General Election result may be dominating the news at the moment, some will be more concerned with tomorrow’s World Cup qualifier between England and Scotland.

Ahead of the match, online estate agent has formulated a team sheet based on each country’s property market performance over the past season.

The agent has assessed the percentage change in house prices across each county/region of England and Scotland over the last year, based on Land Registry data.

It then filled out each team with the 11 locations that have enjoyed the higher rate of price growth over the past 12 months, along with three substitutes.

The gap is narrow where the top 14 locations in the squad are concerned, with the average rise in the last year hitting 6.74% in Scotland – just -1.5% behind England.

On the pitch, Scotland’s team has seen a number of the largest increases across both countries, with the Orkney Islands (15.28%), Western Isles (13.03%), East Dunbartonshire (10.68%) and the Shetlands (10.65%) all having seen a larger rise than England’s best player, Northamptonshire (10.08%).

Although it may not be so close on the pitch tomorrow, at least Scotland’s property market seems to be shaking off the recurring uncertainty of its campaign for independence, which has left many homeowners in limbo on their property sales.

Take a look at the starting teams for each country in eMoov’s team sheet below:

Who Would Win Tomorrow's World Cup Qualifier Based on the Property Market?

Who Would Win Tomorrow’s World Cup Qualifier Based on the Property Market?

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