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Women visualise new property more than men

Em Morley - June 1, 2016

Women are more instinctive than men when purchasing property, according to a new study by easyProperty.

The investigation, carried out in conjunction with behavioural and psychological experts, revealed that women are 13% more likely to ‘mentally move into a home’ then their male counterparts.

Women’s touch

A survey of 1,000 people found that 28% of women repeatedly view a property on the internet having already visited. This is 5% higher than men.

In addition, men were found to be more likely to pull out of a deal because they dislike the seller. One third of all respondents said they judged the property owner on the cleanliness of the home.

Just under one-fifth of all respondents said that they regard block viewings and open house events just as stressful as a job interview!

Women visualise new property more than men

Women visualise new property more than men

Changing traits

Sir Cary Cooper CBE, professor of organisational psychology, thinks than men are a lot more focused on the transactional nature of locating a home. He feels that women however are much more likely to visualise themselves in a new property.

Cooper noted, ‘block viewings can add to the stress and even drive competitive behaviours. Competition for resources and territory in humans is natural and informs a lot of behavior.’[1]

‘Equally, tensions do arise when people are in cramped spaces. House viewings with multiple interested parties could be just as stressful due to these cramped conditions, Mr Evans added.[2]