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Video Launched to Help Tenants Avoid Deposit Disputes

Em Morley - January 12, 2016

A video has been launched to help tenants avoid tenancy deposit disputes over cleaning when they leave their rental property.

The video is aimed at landlords and letting agents to offer to tenants when they move in to prevent any disputes at checkout. Former letting agent and independent adjudicator for the Tenancy

Video Launched to Help Tenants Avoid Deposit Disputes

Video Launched to Help Tenants Avoid Deposit Disputes

Deposit Scheme (TDS), Joanna White, who is the head of Property Principles, created the video.

Cleaning is the biggest cause of deposit disputes, appearing in 50% of cases, according to the TDS.

The Clean Up video also comes with a booklet. It includes a series of practical, clear explanations of the standards of cleaning expected in the rental industry. It will also help tenants get their deposits back quickly and easily.

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and the Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP) have welcomed the video.

White comments: “Time and time again, large sums of money are deducted – correctly – from deposits, only because a property has not been cleaned to the professional standards that will have applied when a tenancy started.”1

The Clean Up video and booklet can be downloaded for £5.99. A yearly license includes unlimited usage of the video for one year from the purchase date.

It is the first in a series of guides to be published for landlords and tenants.

Property Principles advises:

  • Include a copy of Clean Up in every moving-in pack.
  • Ensure tenants understand that this is the cleaning standard expected when they leave.
  • Refer tenants to the video (in writing) before they move out.
  • If possible, have tenants attend the checkout process.

The 20-minute video is clearly voiced and is to a high industry standard.

Find out more and download the video here: