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Where are UK renters most satisfied?

Em Morley - March 1, 2017

A new survey has revealed whereabouts in the UK renters are most and least satisfied.

According to data from the report carried out by Intus Lettings, the North East of England is the best region for tenants. Here, 52% of the 2,000 tenants questioned said that they were happy with their landlord.

Capital Pains

On the other hand, Londoners were found to be least satisfied, with only 20% saying that they were satisfied.

The main tenant irritations were found to be the level of customer service given by landlords, time taken to respond to maintenance issues, availability, inspections and fees.

Some specific issues highlighted included a ‘lack of communication and ‘lack of competence’ when dealing with repairs.

Hope McKendrick, letting manager at Intus Lettings, said: ‘We’re always hearing about the best and happiest places to live in Britain in terms of wellbeing, job satisfaction and availability of good schools, but there’s little research about how happy our renters are and which are getting the best service from UK landlords.’[1]

Where are UK renters most satisfied?

Where are UK renters most satisfied?

‘The survey results give us a different perspective on where is the best and it appears that our Geordie neighbours are winning in this case!’ she continued.[1]

Concluding, McKendrick noted: ‘High fees and costs will clearly contribute to the dissatisfaction of renters in the capital. However, as the property market in London becomes more and more demanding and saturated, landlords may be overstretched and even less able to respond to tenant needs as well as other regions, adding to their frustrations.’[1]