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Tougher Enforcement of Electrical Safety Standards Required

Em Morley - July 2, 2018

According to a top campaigning body for electrotechnical trade in Scotland, the requirement for more vigorous electrical safety standards is a priority to protect private tenants.

Recent data reveals that tenants in the private housing sector were at an increased risk of experiencing electrical shocks in addition to fires caused by electrical faults, compared with that of those living in social housing.

Managing Director of SELECT, whose companies account for over 90% of all electrical installation undertaken in Scotland, Darrell Matthews comments:

“Private landlord registration has been mandatory since 2004 and a robust application process is critical to keep the people of Scotland safe in privately rented accommodation.

“Our members operate to the highest standards of electrical installation and testing and firmly believe that the government should hold private landlords to the same exacting standards.”

He added: “The current ‘prescribed information’ makes no requirement on the landlord to declare the safety of the property being rented, so any change to this is a welcome improvement.

“We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for the Scottish government to put the safety of renters foremost and ensure that properties being rented by private landlords have electrical installations of the highest standard.”

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