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Top 10 UK cities where tenants are unsure of their rights

Em Morley - June 17, 2020

An analysis by Boiler Plan highlights the top 10 UK cities most unsure of their tenant rights. 

They looked at the Google search volume for the term ‘tenants right’ for 25 UK cities and then divided this number the population. This revealed a ratio of how many individuals are searching for help.

The smaller the ratio, the higher the number of people searching for tenants’ rights in that city, Boiler Plan says.

#UK CityMonthly Search Volume – ‘Tenants Rights’Population of CityRatio
Top 10 Cities Searching for ‘Tenants Rights’ on Google

Most Googled questions related to private renting

Boiler Plan also researched the most common questions private renters are asking Google in this uncertain climate. These are the top nine results:

  1. ‘Can landlords increase rent’ – 3,200 monthly Google searches
  2. Can landlord evict me – 1,880 monthly Google searches
  3. ‘Responsibilities as a tenant’ – 1,600 monthly Google searches
  4. Can letting agents charge fees’ – 760 monthly Google searches
  5. Can landlord keep deposit – 550 monthly Google searches
  6. What are tenancy fees’ – 250 monthly Google searches
  7. ‘Can you paint a rented house’ – 220 monthly Google searches
  8. ‘Does landlord have to fix boiler’ – 130 Google searches
  9. What is landlord responsible to repair – 110 Google searches

Jay Lee, who runs uAcademy, host of Mortgage Advisor courses, commented: “As the tenant, you should know what you can and cannot do in the property. You should know the guidelines to ensure the property meets the regulations set by the government and, more importantly, that the property is safe to live in. 

“It’s also essential to read your obligations as a tenant, as this will provide details if you’re responsible for certain repairs, maintenance or if the landlord is, etc. This will also make sure you don’t have any unexpected surprises in the future.”