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A Third of Scottish Tenants have No Plans of Buying a Home

Em Morley - May 8, 2019

Almost one in three Scottish tenants have no plans to ever buy their own homes, mainly because they are happy living in private rental housing, a new study has found.

The Tenant Research Survey, conducted by SafeDeposits Scotland, found that around 30% of Scottish tenants do not plan to ever own a property.

The research asked tenants about their experiences in the private rental sector and their expectations for the future.

Responses showed that, as well as many not aiming to buy their own homes, 71% said that they see themselves renting for the foreseeable future.

Victoria Smith, the Chief Operating Officer of SafeDeposits Scotland, says: “What this survey makes clear is that tenants cannot be characterised as a single group of people of a certain age, background or other profile.

“People of all ages and from all walks of life rent for a number of reasons. The responses the survey received revealed that some tenants rent because it works for their educational and professional needs, and is flexible – not just because they can’t afford to buy, as is a common generalisation.”

She continues: “Of course, for some people that is the case, but by no means for all.

“Whether tenancy is an active choice, a long-term or short-term necessity on the way to owning a property, it’s important that tenants understand their rights and responsibilities. The private rented sector in Scotland is diverse and growing. We want to help all parties in the sector to raise standards and ensure that it works for everyone.”

Smith adds: “These survey responses and the interest shown in our Tenant Conference indicate that tenants are becoming increasingly engaged in the private rented sector.”

Are you a Scottish tenant? If so, let us know what you like about living in the private rental sector and whether you think the new rules work for both parties.