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Tenant Campaigners Make False Allegations over Revenge Eviction Case

Em Morley - September 26, 2016

Tenant campaigners have made false allegations over a revenge eviction case, according to a landlord in Bristol.

Last week, the Daily Mail reported on a case where a tenant had been served an eviction notice to move out of her home of 12 years for complaining to her landlord about damp and dirty carpets.

Tenant Campaigners Make False Allegations over Revenge Eviction Case

Tenant Campaigners Make False Allegations over Revenge Eviction Case

It highlighted an “amazing show of support” from the tenant’s neighbours, who linked arms to prevent bailiffs entering the property in Easton, Bristol.

However, the photographs show that the majority of these so-called neighbours were in fact tenant campaigners from the Acorn Community group, which is pushing for an ethical lettings charter.

The story in the Daily Mail claims: “Residents came out to express their disgust at the revenge eviction of Ms’ Abdullahi.”

One campaigner allegedly stated: “We don’t want people in our community treated like this. It’s a revenge eviction and people deserve decent rented accommodations.”

Another said: “This landlord, and all landlords, need to know there are people in this community who won’t ignore it.”

While another supposedly commented: “We live in this street and it’s a close community. It’s amazing how many people have turned out.”

Despite the tenant campaigners’ efforts, the tenant and her family were evicted. If this really was a revenge eviction, then why hasn’t the landlord been penalised?

The Bristol landlord that pointed out the case, explains: “The reason the eviction went ahead is that it wasn’t a retaliatory eviction at all; you can tell that by the pictures.

“The landlord even invited both parties to a meeting to resolve the situation, after trying to evict her for over two years. So it’s surprising he even tried to go above and beyond his duties by trying to explain the reasoning behind the eviction to Ms Abdullai and Acorn Bristol campaigners.”

The landlord insists: “He followed all the correct procedures; getting in a damp specialist and environmental health to inspect the property after he was notified of the issue. The reports stated that the issue was not damp, but condensation mould due to inadequate ventilation to the wall, something this tenant was given several reminders about over the last few years.

“Acorn and the tenant have also failed to mention that access to the property for the workmen to resolve the repairs/issues was denied for over eight weeks. Surely if the condition of the property was substandard, then why did she delay repairs being made for such a long period?”

They add: “Acorn is gathering momentum and the problem here is that their ethical lettings charter isn’t about ethics at all; it’s about lynching landlords at any cost. Clueless tenant groups like these shouldn’t be allowed to continue to make a mockery of existing private rental sector legislation.

“£3,000 worth of rent arrears and he still allowed her and her family to stay in the property for an extra six months. Honestly, it smacks of desperation from an anarchist campaign group who are obviously looking for any opportunity to gain publicity and awareness.”

Landlords, always remember to follow the correct eviction procedures and respond to any repair requests quickly.