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Tenancy agreements ‘worthless’ to many

Ryan - September 17, 2015

A damning new investigation suggests that signed tenancy agreements are hardly worth the effort and paper they are written on.

The study, conducted by, indicates that many tenants have simply ignored terms and conditions set out in the agreement and are failing to gain permission to make changes to a property and lease.

Lack of respect

Findings from the report show one in ten tenants has subletted a property to a friend, with over 70% have kept a pet without permission. 79% said that they have decorated without consent.[1]

In addition, the research shows that despite landlords outlining clearly that no alterations are to be made to their property without permission, almost half of tenants asked put up shelves and other fixings. A whopping 95% said they had put nails and screws in the walls.[1]

A further 11% said they had made unconsented alterations to the garden, 6% said they had installed decking and 60% have had internet or Sky cables installed into the property.[1]

Tenancy agreements 'worthless' to many

Tenancy agreements ‘worthless’ to many


‘It is a sad fact that many tenants don’t take any notice of the lease agreement and treat the property as if it belongs to them, with little disregard for the landlords investment,’ said Jane Morris, Managing Director of Property Let By Us. ‘Landlords often face filthy and damaged properties with excessive wear and tear at check-out. What’s more, the deposit does not always cover the costs involved in getting the property up to standard for re-letting,’ she continued.[1]

Morris believes that it is, ‘vital that landlords make mid-term inspections, so that they can monitor and assess the condition of the property.’ She says that this way, ‘any issues and problems can be discussed with tenants and resulting increases in rent or deposit can be agreed to cover additional wear and tear, or any damage to the property.’[1]