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Technology Set to Change the Tenant, Landlord and Letting Agent Experience

Em Morley - October 10, 2017
Technology Set to Change the Tenant, Landlord and Letting Agent Experience

Technology Set to Change the Tenant, Landlord and Letting Agent Experience

Technology is set to change the whole lettings experience for tenants, landlords and letting agents, according to property management software firm Arthur.

With over one million apps now available across the leading app stores, it won’t be long until technology will infiltrate the lettings sector with its power functionality.

Apps now enable users to do almost everything that they can do on a desktop computer, making everyday tasks, such as chatting with friends, checking your bank balance, booking a holiday and watching the latest news videos, quicker and simpler.

Arthur believes that smartphones have the potential for not only improving the communications between a tenant, landlord and letting agent, but also for improving tenant safety and security.

The Managing Director of the firm, Marc Trup, explains how technology will enhance the sector: “Tenants in multiple occupation buildings could have a safe button that they can use in the event of a fire, or have the ability to unlock their front door, or report a leak just by taking a picture of it.

“Smartphone apps can empower tenants and provide access to live communications between them, the landlord and/or the letting agent, which is transparent, immediate and auditable. This rules out any misunderstandings and keeps the relationship at arm’s length. There is also a commercial benefit for the landlord – if tenants are happy, they improve the value of rental properties.”

He continues: “In the future, a tenant will be able to search for a property, sign the lease agreement, check the inventory, pay their rent and organise all aspects of their moving via their smartphone. They won’t need to pick up keys to enter the property, as access will be via an app, which will also control the lighting and heating etc. Smartphone apps using proximity technology will enable this to happen and is already being used by some hotels, instead of key cards etc.

“It is inevitable that technology will change the relationship between the landlord, tenant and letting agent for the better.  It has the potential to improve communications, empower the tenant and make property management easier.”

What are your thoughts on using technology in your lettings business – is the traditional method better?