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Ex-footballers give squatters extra-time

Published On: October 20, 2015 at 1:02 pm


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Around 30 homeless people currently squatting in an empty property owned by two former Manchester United footballers have been told that they will be able to stay during the Winter months.

Old Trafford legends Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville are currently overseeing the renovation of the former Stock Exchange building in Manchester city centre into a luxury hotel.

Staying put

Human rights activist Wesley Hall, had a telephone conversation with Neville and was informed that the inhabitants could stay until February, when the building works are scheduled to be finished.

Mr Hall said that he was speaking to a developer working on the site, when he was given permission to speak directly to the ex-England full-back.

‘He spoke to me. He said look, I’ve not got a problem with you staying here, look after the building and respect the building,’ Hall said. He went on to stay that giving the homeless somewhere to stay was a, ‘lifeline.’[1]

‘These people aren’t getting a nourishing meal, their immune systems are low and they are dying. All it needs is someone to put a roof over their head and give them a bit of support,’ he added.[1]

Ex-footballers give squatters extra-time

Ex-footballers give squatters extra-time


Hall went on to say that he was determined to adhere to Mr Neville’s request that the property and it’s inhabitants were looked after, saying, ‘we are going to do everything properly. We have already drawn up rotas for cooking, cleaning and staffing the gate. Everyone will be able to have their own room and each person will be able to lock their bedroom door.’[2]

‘We were expecting that as soon as Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville found out that we had occupied the building, they would try to get us evicted and that we would have to look for another building. Having a few months during the winter to work with homeless people without the threat of eviction hanging over our heads is brilliant,’ Hall continued.[2]

Concluding, Mr Hall said, ‘we undertake not to cause any damage to anything and to leave the building in as good if not a better state than we found it in. I have ordered smoke alarms to keep the building safe. I even suggested to Gary that he might be interest in employing some of the homeless people who are living here as labourers to help with the redevelopment work on the hotel.’[2]