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Housing Minister launches Right to Build Expo

Published On: September 19, 2017 at 11:15 am


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The National Custom and Self Build Association Right to Build Task Force has moved to launch a national programme of events in order to showcase its work.

It is hoped the newly established ‘Force will help boost the supply of Custom and Self-Build housing and bring together stakeholders from industry, local authorities and landowners.


Alok Sharma MP, Minister of State for Housing and Planning said: ‘To fix our broken housing market, we need to get creative, giving consumers greater choice over the kind of homes they wish to live in.  Custom and Self Build housing will be an essential part of this.’

‘As set out in our Housing White Paper, we are committed to doubling the number of Custom and Self Build homes by 2020 – so that anyone who wishes to design their dream house can do so.’

‘I am delighted to be part of the very first Right to Build Expo today, which is a fantastic demonstration of government and industry working together to help this sector go from strength to strength.’[1]

Woman signs purchase agreement for a  house

Housing Minister launches Right to Build Expo

Richard Bacon MP, who initiated the Right to Build legislation and is now Task Force Ambassador, added: ‘Custom and Self Build housing enables local authorities, landowners and other organisations to bring forward more affordable and better designed housing to meet local demand. This Expo will enable them to gain an insight into what can be achieved and how to get help and support to deliver their ambitions.’

Michael Holmes, Chair of NaCSBA and Task Force Board Member, added: ‘This Right to Build Expo is the first of a series across the UK. It marks another important step in our programme to boost the Custom and Self Build housing sector in the UK and build the capacity across the country to enable high quality projects to come forward and help thousands more people to build their own homes.’[1]



Property Industry Welcomes Housing Bill

Published On: June 1, 2015 at 8:27 am


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The UK is set for an increase in supply of new starter homes for young first time buyers, revealed the Queen’s Speech last week.

A number of property issues were mentioned in the opening of the new Parliament on Wednesday, which have received a positive reaction from property experts.

First time buyers under 40-years-old will be offered new starter homes at a 20% discount of their open market value. The Right to Buy scheme will also be extended to 1.3m housing association tenants.

Property Industry Welcomes Housing Bill

Property Industry Welcomes Housing Bill

The Government is also going ahead with the Right to Build scheme, which requires local planning authorities to support self builders registered in their area in finding suitable plots to build or commission their own homes.

A statutory register of brownfield land will also be introduced, in a bid to achieve the aim of getting Local Development Orders in place on 90% of all appropriate brownfield plots by 2020.

Furthermore, the neighbourhood planning system will be simplified and sped up to help communities meet local housing and development needs.

The property and housing industries have reacted positively and they agree that hundreds of thousands more homes needs to be built, especially in London.

But Director of Your Move and Reeds Rains estate agents, Adrian Gill, wonders whether these new schemes are enough: “Building a home in Britain is about 18% more expensive than in Ireland, for example. Preliminaries like planning fees account for 12% of the total costs in the UK, compared to 10% in Ireland. Reforming the red tape surrounding the house building process may be one of the only safeguards around steadier house price rises.”

He adds: “Homeownership is still a key life milestone and aspiration for UK households, so any measures that bring this goal closer into view will be very welcome. The Right to Buy extension sounds good on paper, but we’ve yet to see how this will translate in practise, and the reality is that authorities will have to sell off existing stock first before they can fund and deliver this new promised land of affordable properties.

“At the same time, tenant demand for housing will be accumulating, and this could spill over into the private rented sector and artificially push up prices and competition for rental homes.”

Chairman of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA), Charles Haresnape, believes the Government should work quickly with the mortgage industry to ensure finance is available for consumers: “If not, we will be left with more schemes that are implemented in a hurry with lenders and brokers having to play catch-up.”

He is also unsure about the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme, which could hold no certainty for the future: “Reviving Help to Buy certainly promises another short term boost to homeownership, but there must be a more joined up approach to increasing the long-term housing supply rather than focusing on short-term demand.”1


Professionals Think the Housing Market is Being Held Back

Published On: May 20, 2015 at 12:00 pm


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Most property professionals in the UK think that the residential housing market is being held back, naming lack of supply as the main reason, found a survey from conveyancing services firm myhomemove.

A huge 90% of respondents believe the market is being supressed, with 47% saying the shortage of homes for sale is the biggest cause.

This indicates that improved confidence from vendors following the general election result could increase stability and predictability that will drive the amount of house sales up.

Professionals Think the Housing Market is Being Held Back

Professionals Think the Housing Market is Being Held Back

The research reveals that 24% of experts blame a lack of mortgage availability, possibly due to the stricter lending rules on older borrowers. 16% think that a shortage a new build homes is restricting the market, highlighting the need for developers to build more.

Professionals are supporting an extension of the Help to Buy scheme for new build properties to 2020. A high 80% of those surveyed back the system, compared with just 8% who do not.

Additionally, 65% support the Conservative Party’s starter homes scheme, outlined in its manifesto, with only 3% opposing it.

However, the experts were divided on another main housing policy, the issue of reducing inheritance tax on family homes. 42% support this and 38% are opposed.

Furthermore, 38% think that the target of building 200,000 new homes is achievable. The new Government pledged to build this number for first time buyers.

The professionals believe the Conservatives will find it easy to apply its right to buy scheme for housing association tenants. 43% think this is realistic and 27% are not sure.

There was a higher proportion of professionals who think the Government will struggle to implement its right to build scheme, with 26% saying this is achievable and 41% unsure.

CEO of myhomemove, Doug Crawford, says: “Property professionals are clearly concerned about the obstacles that are holding back property transaction numbers. The good news is that the decisive election result could provide a confidence boost to consumers that will mean more properties are put on the market.

“The main housing policies outlined by the new Conservative Government in its manifesto are, for the most part, popular within the industry. The question now is whether the Government can deliver on its promises and how quickly it can do so.

“Some policies, like extending Help to Buy, are far simpler to deliver than others, like the proposed right to build scheme. This will undoubtedly be a big topic of debate at our conference, just one week before the Government sets its policy agenda in the Queen’s Speech.”1