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New Rental Property Finding Website Inspired by Airbnb and Tinder

This week, a new rental property website launched for landlords and tenants.

Ruumi is a mix between Airbnb and Tinder. It matches users to compatible housemates and rental properties based on their interests, lifestyles and living preferences.

The free service allows users to provide references from friends and landlords to build their profile, which can be viewed by prospective housemates.

For landlords wishing to list on the site, there is a post a place section and the business hopes to be as simple as Airbnb.

Jack Archer, a 29-year-old entrepreneur, founded the site.

He says it can be frustrating for tenants to attend countless viewings and go through endless property searches to discover they have nothing in common with their new housemates, and that is what Ruumi is trying to avoid.

Ruumi was inspired by Airbnb and focuses on simple design, with the user experience central to the whole idea.

Archer says: “Who you live with matters just as much as the place, but somewhere along the way, this has been forgotten. We want to put people back at the heart of the process by building a community of happy renters and making it fun, free and easy to connect with the right people.”1

The site is now available on desktop, tablet and smartphone and has initially launched in the East London boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets, with plans for a full roll out over London in the near future.

The site can be viewed here:


Easyroommate Sues easyGroup Over Name

Published On: September 1, 2015 at 11:15 am


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Easyroommate Sues easyGroup Over Name

Easyroommate Sues easyGroup Over Name

Flat share firm Easyroommate is suing easyGroup, the company owned by Sir Stelio Haji-Ionnou, which licenses its easy name to online agent easyProperty.

Easyroommate’s parent company, W3, has allegedly issued a High Court writ.

Apparently, it is demanding damages of £100,000 and is seeking an injunction to stop easyGroup from threatening to sue it for trademark infringement and passing off.

W3 said it launched its flat share service in 1999, but easyGroup was incorporated the year after.

Additionally, W3 reports that it registered the address in 2002.

The firm states that easyGroup began making threats to sue for trademark infringement from 2011 onwards.

Haji-Ionnou says: “Any use of the word easy followed by a word which denotes the service of goods being offered by a third party is likely to be seen by members of the public as being a new venture under license from easyGroup. We are very confident we will win in court.”1

Easyroommate is based in central London, but operates in over 25 countries. It is a partner of the Mayor of London, supporting the London Rental Standard.