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Looking After Your Home While on Holiday

Published On: August 13, 2016 at 8:32 am


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You might have heard horror stories about people who travelled for a holiday and came back to a home in a mess. Sometimes, there is news of a break-in. Sometimes there has been a fire, flood, or other incident when away.

Holidays should be about relaxing and recharging, not experiencing unnecessary headaches on your return. If you have plans to leave town for any amount of time, adopt these simple precautions to ensure that your home is safe and you have peace of mind.

It is always a good idea to turn all plug sockets off and turn the mains water off before you travel, as this can eliminate the cause of most water and fire issues. You main not be able to turn of the mains electricity at the circuit board if you are using timed lights.

Most break-ins occur because there are tell-tale signs that no one is home. The idea is to travel without making it obvious to likely perpetrators that your home is unguarded.

Do the following:

  1. Cancel your regular deliveries and services

Don’t forget to call in the newspaper, milk or grocery company and suspend delivery for the duration of your trip. If you don’t do this, your deliveries may well pile up in front of your home, letting people know that the house is empty.

The same goes for your mail – if you are going to be unavailable for an extended period, ask the post office to hold your mail.

  1. Talk to your trusted neighbours
Looking After Your Home While on Holiday

Looking After Your Home While on Holiday

You probably have neighbours with whom you maintain a good relationship. Ask them nicely to take out your rubbish bins (or do this before you leave), hold your mail or feed your pets.

Inform them about your trip, when you will be back, and how to reach you if there is an emergency at your property.

Of course, remember to bring a little something for them from your trip.

  1. Lock down the hatches

Make sure your back and side entrances are shut and properly locked, especially all windows. Set your alarm if you own one, or think about getting a false one – they give unwanted visitors the impression that your home is secure.

Don’t leave your spare set of keys where you usually hide them (under the flower pot or door ledge).

Switch on your sensor lights and take away ladders and gardening tools or anything else that will make it easier for a burglar to get in.

Take your valuables along with you or lock them away in a bolted down safe.

  1. Give the impression you are home

Switch on the timer lights, so that they automatically come on for a limited period in the evenings. If you aren’t travelling with your car, leave it in the driveway.

Get a friend to mow your lawn or house sit on the occasional night. Some people even hang some clothes on the line, so it looks like they are still home.

  1. Halt work on your property

Try not to make a trip if you have some major renovation projects at your home.

  1. Be careful about broadcasting your travel plans

Social media is a fun place to share regular updates, however, it can also backfire. Refrain from telling everybody about the details of your trip. Don’t tell people you don’t know that you are going away – they may take the opportunity to arrange a burglary; exercise a little caution.

Finally, update your insurance to cover your home while you are away.

Then… Enjoy your trip!

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Looking to Buy a UK Holiday Home? Find the Best Rental Returns in Cornwall

Published On: August 8, 2016 at 11:07 am


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If you’re thinking of tapping into the UK holiday home market in order to expand or begin your property portfolio, look to Cornwall for the best rental returns in the country…

Cornwall continues to benefit from the staycation trend, with Visit England reporting a 10% year-on-year increase in the number of people holidaying in the UK in the first quarter of the year.

With many concerned over exchange rate fluctuations, port and airport delays, and a general desire to stay out of travel trouble, the amount of British holidaymakers staying in the UK should rise even further this summer.

So, why Cornwall?

If you find a holiday home that has sea views, mod cons and is within walking distance of a beach, you’re onto a winner, says Miles Kevin of Chartsedge, a specialist coastal and rural holiday homes agent.

Looking to Buy a UK Holiday Home? Find the Best Rental Returns in Cornwall

Looking to Buy a UK Holiday Home? Find the Best Rental Returns in Cornwall

Potential rental returns are also strong in the county, adds Kevin.

“Since the Brexit result, there has been an increase in buyers seeking investment homes in the lower price ranges who plan to use the property themselves but also earn some rent,” he explains. “Our current best seller on the north coast is Bay Retreat, four miles from Padstow, which provides a £10,000 annual income for two years.”

The development in St Merryn includes 28 low-maintenance, modern properties based around a shop, pub and tennis courts. The open-plan homes boast steel-and-glass balconies and timber-decked patios. Prices for the remaining two-bedroom, 700 square foot properties start from £149,000 on a 999-year lease.

As a growing foodie destination, Cornwall attracts a stylish crowd from London and the South East. Padstow, in particular, sees visitors travel from across the country to enjoy the hometown of seafood chef Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant.

Budget-conscious buyers should focus on the southeast coastal spots of Cornwall. The twin villages of Cawsand and Kingsand at the head of the Rame Peninsula are just ten minutes away from the centre of Plymouth on the ferry, while still off the beaten track.

Visitors come to the villages to sail and kayak, as well as enjoy the two sandy beaches and pubs and cafes. A tall, four-bedroom house with direct sea access in Cawsand is currently on the market for £460,000.

But what does someone who owns a holiday home in Cornwall think?

Anne Hibbert bought a holiday home in East Looe back in 1987, when her husband worked in the City of London and they had no grandchildren. Now, they have 11, aged from five to 28, all of whom learned to swim in their pool overlooking the sea.

She says: “We have a full sea view from our house with our own land in front and Looe Island to the right. We are totally tucked away, not overlooked. We really value the privacy, especially in high season. We are only 18 miles from Plymouth, but we don’t see many holidaymakers. In Fowey or Salcombe, you could probably add another number in front of the value of homes.”

Anne has made changes to her four-bedroom holiday home over the years, but has also witnessed changes to Looe: “It is still essentially a fishing village, not a yachtie place, but the quality of new shops, particularly in the past three years, has improved. Once it was just fudge shops, but now we have farm shops, excellent butchers, even artisan fish and chip shops.”

The Hibberts are selling their property for £1.25m.

Will you decide to take advantage of the huge numbers of Britons staying in the UK for their holidays?

If you do, remember to take out specialist UK holiday home insurance with a market-leading provider.

The Just Landlords policy includes additional covers that could affect anyone with a holiday home in the UK. Take a look and get an instant quote now: