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Students don’t feel furniture quality reflects accommodation prices

Em Morley - September 6, 2021

The majority of UK students don’t feel the furniture provided with student accommodation reflects the price they pay to live there, new research shows.

Manor Interiors, provider of build-to-rent furnishing solutions, surveyed 917 UK students in August 2021 to learn their thoughts on university accommodation and the furniture provided.

It found that 69% of students don’t think the furniture provided within their student accommodation reflects the price they pay. 33% of students admit that they’ve accidentally broken a piece of furniture in their student halls due to the poor quality of the furniture itself.

CEO of Manor Interiors, Farhan Malik, commented: “The cost of renting can consume a considerable chunk of a student’s finances and it’s fair to say that furniture within student accommodation will be more rigorously put through its paces compared to a property rented by a professional or mature tenant. 

“So it’s understandable that PBSA providers try to strike a balance between providing a cost-effective offering and one that adequately meets the needs of the modern student. 

“However, all too often this can mean cutting corners on the quality of furniture and opting for cheaper, mass-produced products that soon suffer from the wear and tear of student life. 

“Opting for bespoke products can not only improve the durability, style and quality of student accommodation, but when furnishing multiple units, it can also prove as cost-effective, if not more so, than mass-produced furniture items.”

Have you ever accidentally broken a piece of furniture in your student accommodation due to it being of poor quality?


Do you feel the furniture provided within your student accommodation reflects the price you pay to live there?


The survey was carried out by Manor Interiors via consumer research platform Find Out Now on 20th August 2021.