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Short-term rental market research pinpoints London hotspots

Em Morley - May 17, 2022

Research into London short-term lets has found that Westminster provides the greatest level of rental stock choice.

London rental platform Rentd analysed current rental availability for short-term rentals across the London market to reveal which boroughs were home to the highest level of short-term rental stock.

The market analysis shows that there are some 66,641 short-term rentals currently listed to let across the London rental market. 

Westminster is the capital’s short-term rental market hotspot, with 11% of all available short-term rental properties found within the borough.

Tower Hamlets ranks next, accounting for 8.3% of London’s short-term rental availability, followed by Hackney (7.7%), Camden (6.8%) and Kensington and Chelsea (6.8%). 

In contrast, Havering, Sutton and Bexley are home to the lowest levels of short-term rental availability, with each borough accounting for just 0.4% of total short-term stock each. 

Ahmed Gamal, Founder and CEO of Rentd, comments: “Short-term rentals form an integral part of the rental market and for many, they are the vital stepping stone between moving to a new town or city and finding that perfect long term rental property. 

“For others, they provide a preferable option to hotel living when working away from home for a prolonged period and providing this flexibility is as important as the need for long term rentals within the sector, perhaps more so in major cities such as London.”