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Selective Licensing Schemes to be Extended in Burnley

Rose Jinks - February 8, 2019

Councillors in Burnley are expected to extend the existing selective licensing schemes in Trinity, Gannow and Queensgate, as well as introduce a new scheme in Daneshouse with Stoneyholme.

Following a 12-week public consultation, Burnley Borough Council’s executive is expected to renew the existing selective licensing schemes in Trinity, Gannow and Queensgate, which are due to expire this year, while also making Daneshouse with Stoneyholme a selective licensing area for the next five years.

The consultation, which included resident and landlord questionnaires, a public event, and leaflet distribution, ran from early September 2018. Having considered the results, Burnley Borough Council is of the opinion that selective licensing schemes encourage landlords and residents to work together with the Council and other partners, to improve areas by tackling anti-social behaviour and crime.

Councillor John Harbour, the Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Environment, comments on the decision: “The current schemes in Trinity, Gannow and Queensgate have been successful, with moderate rises in house prices, reducing empty properties and anti-social behaviour, such as flytipping, showing a downward trend.

“We want to see that success continue, which is why we’re considering building on the success of selective licensing in those areas and looking at proposals to introduce a new scheme in Daneshouse and Stoneyholme, so people there can also see the benefits of closer partnership working between the Council, private landlords and agents.”

If you’re a landlord with properties in any of these areas, please be aware of the new and existing selective licensing schemes operating throughout Burnley. 

We will continue to keep landlords up to date with all changes to the mandatory and selective licensing schemes in operation throughout the country. 

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