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Scottish Government provides new regulations for landlords

Em Morley - September 8, 2017

New landlord registration enforcement guidelines have been issued by the Scottish Government, to all local authorities informing them on regulating landlords in the private rented sector.

The Landlord Registration Statutory Guidance highlights best practice in order to assist local authorities to regulate the system effectively. This also requires councils to maintain a register of private landlords, ensuring that only those deemed as ‘fit and proper’ are put on the register.

Private Rental Sector

Kevin Stewart, Minister for Local Government and Housing, noted: ‘The private rented sector plays an increasingly important role in Scotland’s housing system. Around 760,000 people in Scotland live in privately rented homes – twice the number of ten years ago.’

Scottish Government provides new regulations for landlords

Scottish Government provides new regulations for landlords

‘I want to see a sector that is characterised by more good quality homes, being managed professionally and where tenants feel secure. Where there are poor standards, local authorities should be taking tough, targeted enforcement to ensure every landlord is fit for purpose.’

‘I would like to encourage all local authorities to use this guidance and examples of best practice to raise standards in the sector and ensure greater consistency in enforcement across Scotland,’ he concluded.[1]