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Rogue landlord fined for dangerous property

Em Morley - November 3, 2016

A rogue landlord has been ordered to pay over £1,000 after being found guilty of possessing an extremely dangerous rental property.

Landlord Joe Burgess, of Newark Road, Lincoln , failed to adhere to housing regulations and left his property in an appalling state of repair. Some issues with the property included unsafe electrics, no central heating, damp and a leaking roof


West Lindsey District Council served plenty of notices on Mr Burgess. After he failed to comply with these notices, the council were left to fit a considerable bill in order to make the property safe.

At Lincoln Magistrates’ Court, Burgess was found guilty and fined £440. In addition, he was told to pay £400 in legal costs, £376 in investigation costs and a victim surcharge of £44.

Rogue landlord fined for dangerous property

Rogue landlord fined for dangerous property

Councillor Sheila Bibb, chairman of the council’s Prosperous Communities Committee, said: ‘This is the second successful prosecution we have undertaken this year and demonstrates the council’s commitment to tackling criminal and rogue landlords. We hope this case sends a clear message to landlords that we will use all of the powers available to us if they do not comply with our requests when we serve formal notices. Nobody should have to live in unsafe accommodation in the district.’[1]

‘In this day and age there is no excuse for landlords who choose to ignore the law and we intend to continue to pursue them wherever their properties may be in our district. I would like to thank officers for their excellent work on this case,’ she added.[1]