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A third of renters think landlords should change their light bulbs

Andrew Truglia - December 12, 2019

Broadband and utilities provider Glide has recently surveyed 1000 renters to find out which issues they expect their landlords to be responsible for. They found that over a third believe that their landlords are responsible for changing their lightbulbs. 

Although landlords are legally responsible for certain things in and around the property, it is not always clear to tenants what falls into theirs’ or the landlords’ responsibilities. 

One in seven (14%) believe that their landlord is responsible for solving bill disputes between flat mates. Whilst this isn’t the case, it may be worth remembering that as a landlord, you could be a useful mediator in these disputes. 

Also, with the growing requirement for broadband, many tenants attitudes’ show that more than a fifth (21.9%) believe that their landlord is responsible for fixing their Wi-Fi. This can be contentious, as many landlords now include broadband in included bills, which further blurs the lines of responsibility.

Richard Price, Sales Director of Glide Shared Living, said: “Being a landlord comes with its fair share of responsibilities and a duty of care for the tenant, but increasing demands from occupants has led to the lines becoming blurred in terms of exactly what is and isn’t under a landlord’s remit.

“As such, it is easy to see why there can be a number of demands across the UK that landlords perceive as unreasonable, and so it is more important than ever for both parties to receive clarity about which issues will be addressed by who in the terms of the rental agreement.”

It might be worth setting out expectations at the beginning of a tenancy agreement, so that it is clear what responsibilities fall under your remit, and what your tenants should be responsible for.