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Fill your Property with the Nation’s Favourite Household Smells to get it Sold/Let!

Em Morley - August 9, 2017

While we all know that keeping living spaces clean and uncluttered is vital to a quick property sale/let, the smell of a home can also determine how popular it is with viewers – these are the nation’s favourite household smells…

Fill your Property with the Nation's Favourite Household Smells to get it Sold/Let!

Fill your Property with the Nation’s Favourite Household Smells to get it Sold/Let!

The summer is traditionally a slow time for the property market, as people head off on holiday and put their house hunt to one side. But with the warmer months coming to a close, now’s the time to start thinking about marketing your property again.

Whether you’re a landlord trying to get your rental let to new tenants, or a property owner putting your home up for sale, how you present your property is essential in how quickly it gets snapped up (and for what price!).

In the estate agency business, newly brewed coffee and fresh bread are the typical smells that are associated with selling/letting a home quickly and effectively.

But times may have changed – what do prospective homebuyers and tenants want to fill their nostrils when they view a property in 2017?

Leading cleaning experts Dr. Beckmann has revealed the nation’s most popular household smells in its Cleaning and Laundry Bible, and they may just help you achieve a successful sale/let!

Here are Britain’s favourite household smells:

  1. Laundered clothes
  2. Freshly baked goods
  3. Freshly mown grass
  4. Scented candles
  5. Flowers
  6. Freshly brewed coffee
  7. A clean bathroom
  8. Toiletries (e.g. bath bombs)

So the old favourites did make the list! It appears that you can’t go wrong with a cup of steaming coffee or a fresh loaf of bread in the oven, but there are other options that could appeal to the modern home hunter.

If you’re a landlord, you can’t ensure that your current tenants will have recently laundered their clothes when you have a viewing, but you could ask them to light a few candles around the property before you bring new tenants round, and insist that they keep their home clean.

If you’re living in the property you’re trying to sell or your rental is empty, you can go to town on enticing the senses when guests view your property – simply putting a vase of fresh flowers in the hallway or mowing the lawn before a viewing could make all the difference.

What are your favourite household smells?