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Potential implications of long secure tenancies

Em Morley - March 18, 2014

Research was recently carried out to explore potential implications of a longer, more secure tenancy for private sector tenants and landlords. The findings include landlord’s opinions, alongside those of tenants, on the perceived advantages and disadvantages of longer tenancy options.

 Potential implications of long secure tenancies

Potential implications of long secure tenancies 


In summary, the findings suggest that landlords are opposed to wholesale changes to the system. On the whole, they consider the existing Short Assured Tenancy (SAT) regime to work well. By majority, landlords believe the focus of any changes should be punishing unscrupulous colleagues who do not comply with the current system.

Tenant opinion though was much more split. Shorter-term tenants seem to think that the SAT regime works efficiently and offers flexibility. Others however are concerned, particularly those who feel that they have limited alternatives available.

Current arrangements for the issue of SAT’s and other documents were viewed as complicated by tenants and landlords alike, with smaller landlords particularly confused.

For long-term tenants, particularly those towards the bottom of the rental market, issues with property condition and repairs are more of a concern. Some of these tenants feel that they cannot approach or take on their landlord regarding issues such as breaches of tenancy legislation or regulation. Moving forwards, tenants still do not feel that changes to the tenancy regime would change this.

The full report findings can be seen here