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Poll Suggests Landlords Backing Tories

Em Morley - April 24, 2015

A recent survey has suggested that the Conservatives can expect the majority of backing from landlords in the upcoming general election.

Despite official You Gov predictions estimating that Labour will amass 35% of the vote and the Tories 33%, research from online letting agent Rentify suggests a much different result.

Conservative Landslide

Rentify’s poll of over 1,200 UK landlords, which covered a range of ages and locations, resulted in 45% of respondents pledging their support for the Conservatives. However, it was a much bleaker story for the Labour party, with just 19% of landlords giving their backing to Ed Milliband.[1]

Poll Suggests Landlords Backing Tories

Poll Suggests Landlords Backing Tories

While support for the Tories has seemingly remained constant, the survey suggests that a number of former Labour supporters are switching to UKIP. One particular respondent went as far to describe Mr Milliband as, ‘kryptonite.’ 17% of landlords surveyed said they planned on voting for Nigel Farage’s party, while just 6% pledged their backing for the Liberal Democrats.[2]

Rentify Chief Executive George Spencer, said that Labour’s focus on the housing market may have backfired. Spencer said, ‘Labour has been hugely vocal on housing policy in the build-up to the election, but these results suggest they may have gone down the wrong path.’[3]