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New NLA Register Will Help Tenants Find Out if Landlord is Accredited

Em Morley - April 21, 2015

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has launched a new initiative allowing tenants to find out if their landlord is accredited.

The National Register of Accredited Landlords will enable tenants to check if their landlord is accredited and is accessible to every accredited landlord and accreditation service.

New NLA Register Will Help Tenants Find Out if Landlord is Accredited

New NLA Register Will Help Tenants Find Out if Landlord is Accredited

Richard Lambert, CEO of the NLA says that the organisation wishes to raise awareness of accreditation and showcase those who are dedicated to offering a good service.

It is believed that accreditation helps improve standards and encourages best practise in the private rental sector. Accreditation educates landlords and helps with their professional development.

At present, the NLA works with more than 65 local councils and five universities in England. The scheme is also recognised by a further 50 local authorities.

The NLA is also an accreditation partner of the London Rental Standard, which worked closely with the Mayor of London on creating the scheme last year. The Register works towards the NLA’s vision of having all members accredited by 2020.

Lambert explains the significance: “Accreditation is a badge of knowledge and competence that landlords should shout about. We should be encouraging tenants to check their prospective landlord and find out whether they have reached accredited status.

“There’s more pressure on improving standards in the private rented sector than ever before and we’re trying to lead the way for landlords to become accredited, which is a huge challenge because currently there’s no fundamental need to do so.

“However, too often the landlord community is unfairly tarred with the brush of illegality or incompetence shown by just a minority of the industry, which isn’t an accurate picture of private renting.

“We want accredited landlords to put their details on our new register so they can set themselves apart, and for tenants to have a quick and easy look up for peace of mind that they can rely on their landlord.”1

The NLA has contacted all existing accreditation schemes to call for support of the Register and to verify the landlords who register as members of those systems.