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Move in Mobile Browsing Habits

Em Morley - April 5, 2013
Move in Mobile Browsing Habits

Move in Mobile Browsing Habits

A huge move in mobile browsing habits has caused a massive annual rise in mobile web traffic to a property website, and a drop in desktop surfing for the first time.

30% of all visitors to Citylets, a residential lettings website, now use their mobile phones to browse the portal, says the Scottish site.1

Thomas Ashdown, Citylets founder and Managing Director, says: “Whilst overall traffic is 20% up on last year, we have witnessed a watershed moment for mobile browsing, which, in addition to increasing numbers of visitors using our mobile apps, has resulted in the first ever year on year dip in desktop browsing, albeit very minor. Mobile has definitely arrived.”1

These statistics arrive as the Citylets mobile apps are introduced, allowing customers to search for agents and properties from their phones.

Citylets have apps for iPhone and Android, and are in the process of releasing an iPad app later this year. At present, iPads account for about a third of all mobile browsing.1