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Messy Houses Harder to Sell

Em Morley - August 24, 2012

It goes without saying that if you are trying to rent or sell your property, then you should ensure that it is clean and tidy when showing potential buyers around.

A recent survey from financial services firm ING Direct has listed some particular cleanliness issues that are most likely to put people off.

Common Issues

The findings suggest that over 40% of buyers are put off by untidy children’s bedrooms, with 60% displeased with dirty or odorous kitchens and bathrooms. 30% said that issues with pet-hair or dirt would discourage them, with 20% stating that unkempt and overgrown gardens would lead them to consider their interest.[1]

Potential buyers can be discouraged from buying houses because of the types of issues mentioned, while some try and negotiate a lower price as a result.

Other problems

Alongside mess and grime, rude or abusive owners and poor décor featured heavily for reasons why potential suitors may pull out of or refuse to make a offer.

Messy Houses Harder to Sell

Messy Houses Harder to Sell


This is a problem for landlords, with the possibility of messy tenants causing them to sell or rent for a lesser price. As a result, landlords should be vigilant and take appropriate measures to ensure that their property remains as clean as possible. These measures can include keeping décor fresh and building up a good relationship with their tenants, which will make them more conscious of keeping the property tidy.