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Many landlords unaware of Right To Rent obligations

Em Morley - February 15, 2016

Landlords are once again being warned that they must comply with the regulations of the Right to Rent scheme, with a shocking new survey suggesting that the majority are unaware of the changes.

An investigation carried out by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) revealed that 72% of landlords do not understand their duties under the policy. More alarmingly, 90% said they had received no information about the new law before it was rolled out nationally on 1st February.


There is tangible concern in the buy-to-let sector that many landlords are at risk of a £3,000 fine, as a result of not carrying out the correct checks.

Maynard Burton, a partner at law firm MFG solicitors, said that he was becoming increasingly concerned that landlords will be caught out. He noted that, ‘landlords who do not act face fines of up to £3,000. That’s potentially ruinous for someone who is self-employed and I’m concerned, as are other specialists, at just how few landlords have grasped not only their obligations, but the implications for them.’[1]

Many landlords unaware of Right To Rent obligations

Many landlords unaware of Right To Rent obligations

‘They really need to get advice immediately on the checks they should be making and the records they should be keeping,’ he added.[1]

Right To Rent Duties

Designed to make it more challenging for illegal immigrants to rent and ultimately stay in Britain. However, critics say that that the scheme makes landlords carry out duties to carry out checks normally conducted by trained immigration officers.

Burton went on to say, ‘it’s easy to sympathise with landlords who feel that these new rules are effectively turning them into unpaid immigration officials. Equally, it’s easy to feel frustrated at the lack of information that has been given out by the authorities. But the law is here and it’s in force. Landlords have to act now.’[1]