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Making Your Home Guest-Ready This Christmas

Em Morley - December 3, 2015

Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends and family, but what if they are coming to stay? Make sure you don’t get flustered with our guide on making your home guest-ready this festive season.

Sleeping arrangements

You may have to shuffle some people around in your house to free up a bedroom or temporarily move into the living room. If you have space, a sofa bed is the perfect way to keep everyone comfortable and avoid the

Making Your Home Guest-Ready This Christmas

Making Your Home Guest-Ready This Christmas

dreaded airbed. If you haven’t got one, check delivery dates to ensure your new addition arrives before your guests! Keep linen fresh and possibly invest in some wintery sheets.

Around the table 

If you’re going to be cooking Christmas dinner for more people than usual this year, think about how you will get everyone around the table comfortably. Consider adding more chairs to your table (you could ask your guests to bring theirs) or put two tables together to create plenty of space.


With decorations, ornaments and everyday objects around, space can be limited at Christmas time. But your guests will want somewhere to put their belongings and make sure that their luggage isn’t causing chaos. Make sure that they feel comfortable and not like they’re cluttering your home!

Warm and cosy

It is important that your guests feel relaxed in your home and a great place to start is creating a festive atmosphere. If you have a fire, light it in the evenings and all sit down together. Alternatively, lighting scented candles gives a cosy feel and fills the air with festive aromas. Make sure your guests don’t get cold by providing them with a warm throw on their bed.


If your guests are bringing presents and party outfits, they may forget their essentials. It is a good idea to place a small basket of toiletries in their room, as a thoughtful touch. Remember to also supply them with clean towels and don’t leave them feeling awkward by making sure they know where to find the new loo rolls!

Small treats

Make sure your guests feel welcome by providing a few refreshments in their room so that they don’t feel uncomfortable about searching through the kitchen. Visitors will appreciate everything from fresh flowers on the bedside table to their favourite wine in the fridge.

Will you be hosting Christmas this year? What ideas do you have for making it memorable?