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Major Fine “Should Act as a Lesson to All Landlords”

Rose Jinks - February 6, 2018

After a buy-to-let landlord was fined almost £34,000 for putting his tenants at risk, a councillor has insisted that the case “should act as a lesson to all landlords” in the private rental sector.

Harbhajan Singh Dhami pleaded guilty to a whopping 32 housing offences regarding a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) that he owned in Merridale Lane, Wolverhampton.

Fire hazards, electrical issues, damp and a pile of waste were among the main issues discovered by inspectors last summer at the property, which had been converted into flats without consent, making it an HMO that should be regulated under current HMO rules.

Be aware that the Housing Minister has confirmed that new HMO licensing rules should be in place in October.

Dhami, of Ednam Road, Wolverhampton, and his company, Dhami Accommodation Ltd, received fines, charges and costs totalling £33,995 at Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court.

Councillor Peter Bilson, the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for City Assets and Housing at Wolverhampton Council, comments on the case: “We are determined to bring to task landlords who are not complying with housing laws and building regulations.

“Our residents’ health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us, and this case should act as a lesson to all landlords in the private sector.”

He adds: “Thankfully, the majority of landlords in Wolverhampton abide by the rules and regulations, and co-operate with the council.

“The council takes very seriously its commitment to monitoring the private housing sector and we will continue to do so to ensure tenants’ living standards are of the highest quality.”

Landlords, use this case as a warning to stick to your legal responsibilities in protecting your tenants and complying with all regulations that govern the private rental sector.

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