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Lettings Sector Petition goes to Scottish Parliament

Em Morley - May 12, 2015
Lettings Sector Petition goes to Scottish Parliament

Lettings Sector Petition goes to Scottish Parliament

An association representing the private rental sector has organised a petition to be put before the Scottish Parliament to prevent the introduction of rent controls.

The group has the opinion that “there is no role for the regulation of area-based rent limitations in Scotland”1 and has been launched by PRS4 Scotland, a pressure group including letting agents, landlords, portals and investors.

The issue was raised after the current government consultation, which closed on Friday, included the subject of rent controls.

Veteran letting agent David Alexander is a member behind the petition. He says that politicians could find that tenants or landlords do not accept rent controls.

He states: “Potential landlords will be scared off from entering the sector while many existing ones are likely to disinvest, which can only lead to a reduction in stock.

“At a time when young couples are finding difficulty in raising the large deposits required by mortgage lenders, what we need is more, not less, homes for rent.”1

Alexander is also against efforts by Scottish MSPs to stop landlords repossessing their properties unless they want to sell it or move in themselves.