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Letting agent warned to be vigilant over identity theft

Em Morley - August 31, 2017

A concerning new report has suggested that the identity theft of letting agents is currently at ‘epidemic levels.’

The research, carried out by UK anti-fraud organisation Cifas, reveals that people in their 30s were the most targeted, with most identity fraud taking place online.


In all, a whopping 89,000 cases were recorded during the opening 6 months of the year – a 5% rise in the same period 12 months ago and a new record high. The report states that there has been a considerable rise in ID fraudsters applying for insurance, telecoms and online retail.

Now, Rent4sure is urging letting agents to be very vigilant.

IT and Products Director, Jack Webb-Heller, noted: ‘At Rent4sure we follow stringent procedures to make sure an applicant is genuine.’

‘If a letting agent uses our checks appropriately, and uses all the guidance and recommendations we offer plus their usual checklist, it would be a big step forward in the battle to stop people fraudulently renting properties.’

Letting agent warned to be vigilant over identity theft

Letting agent warned to be vigilant over identity theft

‘Our system not only checks the address and name that applicants provide but also cross matches these against all the previous addresses and relevant information linked to that credit profile.’

‘We have a specially designed range of referencing services that work in tandem to ensure an identity isn’t stolen, which allows agents to choose the right product to cover any situation.’[1]