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Latest English Housing Survey Dispels Myths Around PRS

Em Morley - July 14, 2017
Latest English Housing Survey Dispels Myths Around PRS

Latest English Housing Survey Dispels Myths Around PRS

The latest English Housing Survey (for 2015/16), released yesterday, dispels the myths surrounding the private rental sector.

Tenants are more satisfied with private rental accommodation than those in the social rental sector, the report shows.

The most recent English Housing Survey found that 82% of private tenants are satisfied with their current accommodation, ahead of the 81% in the social rental sector.

Rates of dissatisfaction were also higher in the social sector, with 13% of social tenants dissatisfied with their accommodation, compared to just 10% in the private rental sector.

Furthermore, 67% of private tenants said that they were satisfied with their current tenure status.

The survey also dispels the myth that tenants are constantly living in fear of eviction, with the average length that a private tenant has been in their current property now standing at more than four years.

According to the statistics, 73% of tenants in the private rental sector left their last property because they wanted to, with just 11% doing so because they were asked to by their landlord or letting agent.

Just 2% of tenants moved out because of rent increases by their landlord.

The Chairman of the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), Alan Ward, responds to the findings: “Whilst today’s data clearly shows that many challenges remain for the sector, it is clear that the picture is one of significant improvement.

“With only a very small minority of tenancies ended by a landlord or because of increased rent, it is time that those who suggest that landlords spend their time looking for ways to evict tenants or make profits at their expense replaced fear mongering with facts.”

The complete results of the latest English Housing Survey, including full statistics on the private rental sector and social rental sector, can be accessed through the Government’s website here: