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Landlords Cautioned over Drugs

Em Morley - August 6, 2009
Landlords Cautioned over Drugs

Landlords Cautioned over Drugs

Investors with landlord insurance should be wary of their properties being used as cannabis factories.

Landlords cautioned over drugs by solicitors, Williamson and Soden and have implied that rental housing is increasingly being used to generate drugs.

They have also advised landlords on how to treat this situation, which could result in properties losing their value; tenants will alter the house to benefit their drug production.

Property expert at Williamson and Soden, Louisa Jakeman, says: “Be wary of any tenant who offers to pay a large amount of rent, say for six months or 12 months, in advance.

“Many factory operators make these kinds of offers which can seem very attractive to the landlord. Do not be seduced by these offers.”

She also adds: “Be very wary of the tenants who will never allow access; the tenants may offer various excuses as to why an appointment cannot be offered or kept.”1

In 2009, West Midlands Police spent £500,000 attacking cannabis factories in residential properties.