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Landlords Asked to Help with Illegal Immigration

Em Morley - May 9, 2013

During the Queen’s speech this week, she stated that more action needs to be taken against illegal immigrants in the UK, especially since the number of new arrivals to the UK has hit a three-year high recently.

Landlords Asked to Help with Illegal Immigration

Landlords Asked to Help with Illegal Immigration

The housing industry has been hit by the rise in the UK’s population, which has fuelled the current housing crisis, and a high demand for affordable housing, with a lack of supply.

It has consequently led to landlords being told they need to do more to ensure that their tenants are living in the country legally. Under new regulations, if landlords do not vet their tenants properly, they could be fined thousands of pounds. Many landlords have voiced their concerns this this is unfair on them, and will add strain to the already struggling sector.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg said, of the Immigration Bill, that they have already had a tough time in Government, “but three years on, our resolve to turn our country around has never been stronger.”

They continued: “We know that Britain can be great again because we’ve got the people to do it. Today’s Queen’s Speech shows that we will back them every step of the way. It is all about backing people who work hard and want to get on in life.”1

Currently, landlords have not been told how they should check their tenant’s rights to live in the country, and many are concerned over tenants providing false documentation. Additionally, landlord policies may change due to the legislation coming into force.

The Government have claimed that they will continue aiding those seeking asylum in the UK, but will ensure “the right to stay in the country because of family connections”1 is not mistreated by some people.