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Landlords Address Pest Control Qualifications

Em Morley - March 3, 2015

The Landlord Referencing forum yesterday was met with the news of new professional standards in the pest control industry.

Landlords Address Pest Control Qualifications

Landlords Address Pest Control Qualifications

The moderator News @ Tenant Referencing introduced the topic by telling landlords: “No need to get ratty when you cannot get infestation under control – use a contractor who is a member of BPCA.”

They continue: “New rules have been introduced to promote professional standards within the pest control industry. Members of trade body the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) must now meet strict criteria relating to their professional credentials.”

The moderator includes a quote from the Chief Executive of the BPCA, Simon Forrester, who says: “The pest control sector is awash with people who are not true specialists in the field and that can create big problems for customers such as property managers, who need the job done properly at the first time of asking.

“But as we now insist all member companies and individuals must be trained to industry standards, we can be totally confident they’ll provide the best possible professional service.”1

News @ Tenant Referencing adds: “The new rules, introduced at the start of the year, make it obligatory for every member of the BPCA involved in the eradication and control of pests, to hold at least one of a list of industry-standard qualifications.

“Pest control in rental properties can be a thorn in your side and it is often a long job to eradicate them; left for too long they can often cause damage to the property.”1

Just one user, named micos, responded, explaining that it is really “difficult” for pest control to “guarantee that rodents will not come back quickly”, stating that they often say “tenants don’t keep properties clean.”1