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Landlord Fines for no HMO Licence in Worthing

Em Morley - April 30, 2015
Landlord Fines for no HMO Licence in Worthing

Landlord Fines for no HMO Licence in Worthing

Magistrates in Worthing have fined a landlord who did not correctly licence his property.

Frank Scanlon, of Pratton Avenue, Lancing, was fined over £7,000 at Worthing Magistrates’ Court regarding issues with his Upper High Street rental property.

Officers from Worthing Borough Council investigated the home, finding seven individuals living there, sharing facilities, but not forming a single household.

The property is also three storeys, and therefore is classed as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO). HMOs need a licence before being rented, as research has found that these living arrangements can pose higher risks than single occupancy homes.

Head of Housing at Adur & Worthing Councils, Paul Cooper, says: “This type of accommodation can provide much needed living space but does present unacceptable risks to occupants if poorly run, and the mandatory licence provides a level of reassurance that the property is safe and secure for all inside it.

“The level of fine imposed by the court shows that they recognise the importance of the licensing scheme and reinforces the robust stance taken by the council to ensure safe living conditions.”1