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Landlord fined for breaching overcrowding rules

Em Morley - June 23, 2015

A landlord has been fined and charged £6,000 for breaching overcrowding laws in one of his rental homes by housing an illegal number of tenants.

South Kesteven District Council prosecuted Grantham landlord Sanjay Patel under the House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) legislation. Mr Patel pleaded guilty to the offence under the Housing Act 2004 at Grantham Magistrates Court last Thursday.


During July 2014, inspectors visited the property on Launder Terrace. On arrival, they found there were six people in five households in residence. The licence of the property however permitted only five people in four households.

Despite correspondence to Mr Patel in January of this year, the property was subsequently re-inspected and once again found to be overcrowded, with six tenants still in the house.

On sentencing, magistrates said Patel was culpable for the illegal number of persons residing within the property, with the aggravating feature of the case being his monetary gains during the period. As a result, Patel received a fine of £6,300, which was deducted by a third with an early guilty plea to £4,200. He was able subject to a fine of £1,453.67 in costs and a £120 victim surcharge, giving him a total cost of £5,773.67.[1]

Landlord fined for breaching overcrowding rules

Landlord fined for breaching overcrowding rules


Business manager for environmental health at South Kesteven District Council Anne-Marie Coulthard, said, ‘landlords provide a good service for their tenants in South Kesteven and those who own homes where multiple tenants live are more than aware of their responsibilities to never overfill their properties.’[1]

‘However, this case shows that landlords cannot simply ignore orders to not overcrowd their properties and we are pleased magistrates saw it fit to impose this level of fine,’ she added. ‘Our officers will always determinedly ensure housing law is strictly adhered to in rented properties to protect tenants.’[1]