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First Time Landlords are in Their 40s

Em Morley - May 8, 2015
First Time Landlords are in Their 40s

First Time Landlords are in Their 40s

The most common age to become a landlord is between 40-49-years-old, revealed research by Rentguard Insurance.

40% of those buying to let for the first time were in this age range. The second most common age is in the 50+ bracket at 24%, followed by those aged 30-39 at 19%.

The landlord insurance firm asked customers: How old were you when you first became a landlord? on their website.

Somewhat shockingly, 17% of respondents were just 20-29-years-old when they purchased an investment property.

Director of Rentguard Steve Jones says: “The results show that those in their 40s are thinking ahead and looking towards property as an investment for their money.

“With the recent relaxing of pension rules, we expect the 50+ bracket, and even those in their 60s, to be the biggest growing group over the next year or two.”1

In a report conducted earlier this year, the Halifax found that the average age of a first time buyer purchasing an owner-occupier property was 30-years-old, up from 29 in 2011.

London was the region with the oldest first time buyer, at 32.