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Estate agents told to be bold following Brexit

Em Morley - June 30, 2016

The managing director of the oldest estate agent recruitment consultancy in the UK has told employers to hold their nerve after Britain voted to leave the EU.

Anthony Hesse’s, MD of Property Personnel, made the comments following a survey of recruitment intentions carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

This survey suggested that 48% of members believe it is far too early to tell what impact a Brexit would have on the sector.

Historic decision

Mr Hesse said, ‘after a historic decision like this, hasty knee-jerk responses are the last thing the industry needs. It’s important that UK estate agents don’t feel bounced into taking decisions with long-term impacts they may live to regret.’[1]

‘Brexit is more of a process than an event – so the immediate impact will be limited, because any major changes will take some time. As a result, employers need to hold their nerve and consider any next steps carefully,’ Hesse continued.[1]

Estate agents told to be bold following Brexit

Estate agents told to be bold following Brexit


Hesse indicated that he was more concerned at further results from the survey that show 54% of members have no post-Brexit plan in place. 26% respondents said that they were actively developing one.

‘Issues such as employment law, immigration and the ability of employers to bring the right skills they need into their business were central themes of the EU referendum campaigns-so estate agents need to plan accordingly, Hesse explained. It’s important to remember that our existing labour market already strikes a good balance between providing flexibility for employers and employment rights for workers. Currently, employers can bring in skilled workers from outside the UK to help support business growth and address labour shortages. It’s absolutely crucial that any renegotiation of our relationship with the EU takes this into account.’[1]

Concluding, Hesse noted that, ‘ultimately, we need to ensure that UK estate agents continue to recruit the best people to fill the jobs available. Access to the right talent is absolutely vital to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity-not only for the sector, but the country.’[1]