Tenant Fees Ban

The Government will soon ban letting agents and landlords from charging upfront fees to tenants. This was designed to make renting and moving home more affordable.

The Tenant Fee Ban Explained

The following article has been written by our friends at Luscombe Gray, the property litigation experts, in order to explain …

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Tenant Fees Ban Enforce Flaws

Who’s enforcing The Tenant Fees Act? New law relies on honesty and tenants being in the know

Despite the introduction of the tenant fees ban back in June, there are still some glaringly obvious flaws in the …

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pet rent

Increase in landlords charging pet rent as Tenant Fees Act puts cap on deposits

Landlords in England are charging additional pet rent, as recent fees ban prevents them from asking tenants for a pet …

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Tenants could be owed a refund as data highlights average tenancy deposit exceeds cap

Tenants in England could be owed a refund due to the new deposit cap introduced earlier this year. An analysis …

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Welsh tenant fees ban comes into force this weekend

This Sunday (1st September 2019), the Welsh private rental sector (PRS) will see changes, as its tenant fees ban becomes …

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How Can Estate Agents Expand their Business Post Tenant Fees Ban?

Since the Tenant Fees Ban, it’s even more important for estate agents to diversify the services offered to clients – …

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