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rent costs

Rent Costs of Major Cities Near 20-Year Average of £79 Per Week

According to data from Accommodation for Students (AFS), the average rent costs across many cities in the UK are close …

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mortgages trends

UK Finance Mortgages Trends Data for May 2019 Released

UK Finance’s latest Mortgages Trends data for May 2019 was released yesterday (16th July). The following are the highlights from …

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nightmare tenant

Landlords Struggle after Nightmare Tenant Changes Locks

The latest episode of Nightmare Tenants Slum Landlords aired last night (Monday 15th July), featuring a retired couple struggling with …

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Brits' DIY lists

These are the Top Projects Currently on Brits’ DIY Lists

Taking pride in our homes is something that a lot of Brits have in common, so we’re not surprised to …

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moving out

What Are the Unexpected Costs and Hoarding Struggles That Tenants Face During the Process of Moving?

Tips from a removal specialist. Moving Miscellaneous Most companies we’ve worked with think that everything will be packed in moving …

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energy efficiency

Will Tax Incentives Encourage Energy Improvements from Landlords?

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee has called for an increase in the financial contributions made by private …

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