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Britain losing its lawns

Em Morley - September 2, 2015

New research indicates that gardens in Britain may be on their way out, with property owners favouring low maintenance living areas.

A study conducted by garden and conservatory furniture retailer found that in excess of 1 in 4 homes no longer has a real grass lawn in the front or rear garden.


Of those asked, 67% cited a lack of time to maintain a lawn as the main reason for choosing not to have one in their property. 10% of homes now have an AstroTurf or other artificial lawn.[1]

It seems that many homeowners now favour alternative living spaces as a difference from lawns. Decking (57%), patio space (55%), sheds (52%) and summer houses (20%) were found to be the most common alternatives, to try and utilise living space.[1]

In years gone by, a well-maintained garden was considered a status symbol in some areas and a leading priority for a number of householders. However, a large majority of 71% of homeowners now say that having a lawn is a burden.

Britain losing its lawns

Britain losing its lawns


‘As a time-poor nation, we’re constantly looking for ways to maintain our homes and outdoor space, with minimum effort and minimum cost,’ said Craig Corbett, marketing manager at Alfresia. ‘Maintaining a lawn can take a lot of work. There’s mowing, fertilizing, and not forgetting the task of watering it when it hasn’t rained for a few days-taking up time that Brits don’t have.’[1]

‘Of course, having a patio or decking fitted in the garden often means sacrificing some, if not all of the lawn space. These garden fixtures are becoming increasingly common, and this combined with the fact that adults in the UK don’t feel the same way about their lawns as they used to, it’s no surprise that lawns have shrunk nearly 50% over the past 10 years,’ Corbett added.[1]