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Best bill-splitting tips for students, provided by Glide

Em Morley - October 15, 2019

Landlords, consider welcoming students into your properties with these handy tips for splitting bills.

It can be difficult adjusting to student life, with so many responsibilities thrown at you for the first time. Reaching out to your student tenants and building a good relationship with them will not only make for an easier year ahead but may also lead to securing tenants for the next few years as well.

Bill-splitting service provider Glide has shared its expertise on the best way to go about fairly paying household bills:

Utilise apps

Services such as Monzo and Uber offer bill-splitting functionalities. This means that everything from morning taxis to lectures to late-night McDonald’s can be split between multiple users at the touch of a button.


Splitting costs down the middle may be a simple way of doing things, but somewhere down the line, someone is going to feel that this is an unfair system. Glide points out that, for example, if you have specific dietary requirements then you wouldn’t want to be contributing to a weekly shop when you may be unable to eat a substantial amount of it.

However, items such as toilet roll and certain condiments for the kitchen could be shared (at the very least, to save on space!). Consider agreeing on this from the offset, to make it easier in the coming months.

Take the stress out of monthly bills

Glide believes that a bill-splitting service, such as its own, can take the headache out of utilities management, ensuring that each housemate is sent a monthly bill directly.

Make the most of discounts

 Although not a tip for bill-splitting, tips for saving money are always appreciated! Some examples provided by Glide include:

  • Split the cost of a tastecard to use when going out to restaurants for group meals
  • An NUS Extra card can also save you money at all sorts of places across the UK and online