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Best and Worst Areas in England and Wales for Home Buyers

Emily Morley - March 22, 2018

Taking into account the affordability of properties and crime reports, leading hybrid estate agents have concluded the best and worst areas in England and Wales for Home Buyers.

They analysed both crime statistics and house price data from 2017 in order to determine where buyers can purchase a property that is both safe and affordable. All of the information collected was transferred into percentages, resulting in a scoring system. For the top 10 best, the higher percentage the better the area is. The bottom 10 table shows the higher the percentage, the worse the area. The overall results revealed Rutland in the East Midlands to best fit the criteria.

There has been a strong rate of growth in regards to the prices of property within the East and West Midlands, yet they are both still seen as reasonably affordable. Therefore those with a strict budget but wary of moving somewhere with a higher than desirable crime rate are finding plenty of suitable options.

Although Rutland is at the top of this list, there are other desirable locations close behind. It might be worth taking a look at West Somerset and Purbeck, or further up north Ryedale and Richmondshire. They also offer buyers a choice of reasonably priced properties with a low crime rate.

In comparison, we can see that the more urban parts of the UK can be less desirable. Whether due to the high prices making properties unaffordable, or the crime rates being too high, this is sure to put off a lot of buyers. Outside of London, Bristol is seen as the worst, with a mixture of high prices and reported crimes. Next is Brighton and Hove, with almost half as much crime, but considerably higher average house prices. Lower down the list we see the likes of Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester, which despite higher crime rates, have had their score on the table reduced by substantially lower house prices.

Best and Worst Areas in England and Wales for Home Buyers

Best and Worst Areas in England and Wales for Home Buyers

If we look within London, the top borough based on the results is shown to be the City of London. However, this seems to be a skewed result, as the relatively low number of crimes reported has resulted in a positively high score, despite having an exceptionally high average house price. It’s worth considering that Sutton, as second borough on the list, has more of a balance. The crime rate is almost three times the amount of that of the City of London, yet it is still low in comparison to other boroughs. The average house price come to £384,902, which almost half the amount we are seeing in the City of London, and much more affordable.

Russell Quirk, founder and CEO of, has commented: “There is, of course, a direct correlation between the amount of crime in an area and the price home buyers are willing to pay to live there.

“Unfortunately for many, the cost of getting on the ladder means they don’t have the luxury of considering crime rates when looking to buy, while city living also remains popular despite a higher tendency for crime in more populated urban environments.”

City living is a popular choice amongst many, whether they are looking to rent or buy. With frequent transport links and the abundance of entertainment available within London, the allurement is strong. However, for those looking for a safer place to raise a family, they may find themselves considering more rural locations.

Quirk continued: “That said, the good news is that there are a number of areas across England and Wales with affordable price tags and a lower propensity for crime. As always, doing your research is key during the property buying process and can really help refine your search before you reach the likes of Rightmove and Zoopla.”