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A Warm Tenant is a Happy Tenant

Em Morley - February 5, 2015
A Warm Tenant is a Happy Tenant

A Warm Tenant is a Happy Tenant

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has spoken about energy efficiency measures in the private rental sector, reminding landlords to take the wellbeing of their tenants into account.

Following the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s announcement regarding the results of a consultation on minimum energy efficiency standards in the sector, Chief Executive Officer of the NLA, Richard Lambert, says: “The Government has struck a delicate balance between making clear what is expected and ensuring that there is a realistic prospect of landlords being able to comply.

“Setting the standard at a sensible rather than aspiration level, allowing time to achieve it and granting exemptions if the necessary improvements cannot be funded through the Green Deal or other Government subsidies, means that these new regulations will not impose an unreasonable burden. Indeed, where a landlord is in a position to undertake improvements, there will be no good reason not to.

“The NLA actively encourages landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their properties because it’s good practice; a warm tenant is a happy tenant.”1