Monthly Archives: January 2014

Scottish Rental Market Stabilises

A report from one of Scotland’s premier letting portals has provided good news regarding the country’s rental market. Findings from …

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Tenants on Benefits Shunned

Negative attitudes towards tenants by landlords as tenants on benefits shunned have been uncovered by a new study. Less than …

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Call for More Retirement Housing

The Government should be doing more to encourage more investments in dedicated retirement housing, says a retirement rental company that …

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What is rent to rent?

A recent BBC investigation has once again brought the subject of ‘rent to rent’ into the public eye. What is …

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Is government creating definitive rental index?

The number of rental indices is currently enough to fill a football team. Of all of the various monthly versions …

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Rental Sector in Scotland is Thriving

The rental sector in Scotland is thriving and has changed the pace of the country’s housing market, as rental accommodation is …

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