Monthly Archives: October 2013

Wrongdoings of Estate Agents Uncovered

Channel 4 showed a programme last week that exposed the wrongdoings of estate agents. The agents, filmed with undercover reporters …

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Tenants are Unaware that Letting Agents aren’t Regulated

At the start of this month, Eric Pickles, minister for Communities and Local Government, launched a number of reforms intended …

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Immigration Act Could Jeopardise Landlord Safety

Fears are building that the new Immigration Act could put landlords in physical danger. Under the new proposals, landlords will …

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Property Market Drops as Christmas Nears

The amount of people looking to buy in the property market generally decreases in November, as people turn their attention …

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Thousands Become First Time Landlords

Thousands of people in the UK are becoming first time landlords this year. Emma Fildes, 34, is an estate agent …

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Landlords and Their Tenants Happier than Ever

A solicitors firm has suggested that the number of positive relationships between tenants and landlords are at a record level. …

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