Monthly Archives: February 2013

Landlords Outsource Direct Debit Payments

Ahead of the introduction of Universal Credit this forthcoming October, five social landlords based in the UK have decided to …

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Letting agents encouraged to solve housing crisis

Shortly, George Osborne will be announcing the Budget for 2013. Landlords, tenants and agents alike will be taking a keen …

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One in Ten BTL Homes may be Unlettable in Five Years

Landlords must make improvements to their properties’ energy efficiency to avoid one in ten buy-to-let houses being unlettable in five …

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Lettings portal helps housing benefit recipients

There is an assumption that landlords are becoming increasingly wary of letting out their properties to tenants in receipt of …

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Rent Demand Falls

Research has revealed that more than one third of landlords in the buy-to-let market have disclosed that the demand for …

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Watchdog Warns Landlords and Tenants about Letting Agents

The Government and journalists have been discussing whether private rental sector landlords should have stricter regulations put upon them, as …

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