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17m Adults Have Paranormal Experiences in Their Homes

Em Morley - October 31, 2016

Somewhat worrying, but timely, research from Ocean Finance has found that around 17m adults in the UK have had paranormal experiences in their homes.

17m Adults Have Paranormal Experiences in Their Homes

17m Adults Have Paranormal Experiences in Their Homes

These experiences include seeing ghost-like figures (9%), seeing orbs (6%), unexplained movement of objects (7%), and inexplicable noises (13%).

The study found that women are more likely than men to say that they have had a paranormal experience, with 30% of women having a strange encounter to 25% of men.

Ocean Finance also revealed that these unusual experiences do not just occur in our own homes, but many people have had a strange feeling when viewing a property to rent or buy.

The most common strange experiences that have occurred when viewing a property include feeling cold, eerie and dark. Almost one in five adults say that they decided not to buy or rent a property due to a negative feeling.

More positively, tenants and buyers also report that some properties have an unexplained positive vibe, making the home seem cosy, warm and inviting. For landlords looking to let a property, you’ll be pleased to know that a quarter of all adults decide to rent or buy a home because of a positive feeling.

Ian Williams, of Ocean Finance, comments on the findings: “During this spooky season, it’s interesting to find out that many people take into account their emotional response to a property when deciding whether it’s going to be their new home.

“Perhaps it is reassuring that the vast majority of us don’t think that our homes are haunted. But it’s still surprising that quite so many people do believe they share their home with something else. Those with a rational approach might point towards noisy plumbing or creaky floorboards as more likely explanations. Either way, luckily mortgage lenders don’t yet require people to disclose non-living residents!”

Have you or your tenants ever experienced something strange in your rental property? Don’t put off future renters with your ghost stories… even if it is Halloween!